It is here that the Romans left their legacy,
where the Aristocratic Venetians cultivated vineyards,
produced excellent wines and built magnificent Palladian Villas.


The winery is located on the Hills of Lonigo  (Vicenza), surrounded by the lush green hills of the Colli Berici, about 100 metres above sea level.

The Winery stretches over 13 hectares of which, 8 vineyards, 4 woods and 1 fruit orchard with an olive tree grove.  All enclosed in a treasure chest, magically and naturally protected. 

Our family-run winery founded by Gianni Leopoldo Mancassola a few years ago, derives from the passion for his territory. Our values, on which our dream is based on/ founded on, are genuine and embrace the strong desire to safeguard and to revive the 60 year old vines thus accompanying them in their vigorous new life. 

The grapes grown are: Glera, Garganega, Tai Rosso, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.


Monte Calvarina Vulcano erupted about 35 million years ago, spreading debris, lava and ashes over thousands of kilometres.  We have also found traces of this fascinating debris on our terroir, which has been collected and safely stored as testimony of this event.

For millions years, these hilly elevations were submerged by the warm clear waters of the Teide Sea. The Colli Berici Hills were formed later by the sequence of stone layers, due to the process of sedimentation of sand, mud and animal fragments on the bottom of the sea.  Thus, our wine is characterised by a marked mineral taste typical of the subsoil, which is rich in limestone of sea origin.

Good wine must be interpreted as the maximum manifestation of its terroir.

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